Play | aGoT LCG 2nd Ed – Stark/Banner of the Stag vs Night’s Watch/Fealty

6 May , 2016   Video

This fifth recorded A Game of Thrones LCG (2nd Edition) match sees Andy fielding Stark/Banner of the Stag against Richard’s Night’s Watch/Fealty.

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Play | aGoT LCG 2nd Ed – Stark/Fealty vs Stark/Fealty

22 Apr , 2016   Video

As the final part of our Wolves of the North Chapter Chat coverage this third in a series of recorded aGoTLCG 2nd Ed matches sees Andy fielding Stark/Fealty against Richard’s Stark/Fealty.

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Chapter Chat | The Starks Are Coming!

22 Apr , 2016  

In part two of our coverage of the aGoT Deluxe Box: Wolves of the North, Andy and Rich put together two very different Stark decks.

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