An Open Letter To Fantasy Flight Games

11 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Andy asks one of his favourite game publishers a simple question…

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So You Want to Start Playing Netrunner Part Two: Help I Keep Losing And It Sucks

25 Feb , 2015  

Continuing on with his ‘So You Want to Start Playing Netrunner’ series Martin looks at what your next steps should be once you’ve been playing for a while, and what to do when you keep losing.

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Review | Stak Bots

23 Feb , 2015   Video

Andy takes a look at Stak Bots a simple card game that sees you attempting to destroy your opponents stak of bots whilst keeping your own intact.

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Gateway Game Madness – The Myth, The Legend, The Kickstarter

2 Feb , 2015  

Barrett returns to discuss the recent success of Exploding Kittens, the fact Cones Of Dunshire is a real game and wraps it all up in a discussion about gateway games.

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Review | XCOM: The Board Game

30 Jan , 2015   Video

In this video Andy, Dan and Richard receive a mysterious message, Andy is late, and everyone argue over who gets to be commander before getting stuck into reviewing XCOM: The Board Game.

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FAQ for XCOM: The Board Game

26 Jan , 2015   Gallery

Last Friday we posted our preview for XCOM: The Board Game. Coinciding with this, we put a post up on Reddit asking if anyone had questions, or worries about the game that they needed answering. Here is a selection of questions and answers from that thread. If this post raises any more questions, or you’ve got […]

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So You Want to Start Playing Netrunner

14 Jan , 2015  

In our first contributor written piece, our friend Martin, from Oh No! Videogames! talks about starting Netrunner, what to do and how to have the most fun as a beginner.

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Dragonmeet 2014 | Tom Norfolk Interview

19 Dec , 2014   Video

Dan talks to Tom Norfolk of DogEared Games about Stak Bots, a sneakily strategic, battling robots card game, and the pros and cons of developing digital versions of games. For more information head on over to the Stak Bots website. This video is part of our interview series from Dragonmeet. The schedule: Piotr Burzykowski – […]

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Dragonmeet 2014 | Leo Marshall Interview

18 Dec , 2014   Video

Andy talks to Leo Marshall of indyhippo about Sci-Fi Beta Kappa, a humorous RPG about delinquent aliens with various abilities who have been exiled to a college frat house in the year 2187.

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Dragonmeet 2014 | Robin Elliott Interview

17 Dec , 2014   Video

Andy talks to Robin Elliott of Triple Ace Games about Rocket Race, the steampunk rocket building card game, and gets an exclusive insight to Triple Ace’s plans for 2015.

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