New To Boardgames?

You’ve clicked on our link and you have no idea what’s going on or why you are here. I get it, don’t worry, this is a safe place. We here at Rollin’ Dice love tabletop games. Now tabletop games cover boardgames, pen and paper roleplaying games, card games and everything that is in those realms. Boardgames aren’t nerdy. I know you think they are, but what if I told you Vin Diesel plays Dungeons and Dragons. He is not a nerd. Ergo, it’s not as nerdy as you think. It’s fun and there’s definitely something out there that you and your friends will enjoy.

More than that though, they are a chance to compete against your friends, to tell imaginative stories and to experience fun while not spending all your money on alcohol and then a dodgy kebab that you immediately regret the next morning. We here at Rollin’ Dice want you to experience the best that is offered in tabletop games. We do a podcast which you can listen to and if you start on episode one you’ll find out how we got into boardgames and in episode two we tell you which games we think YOU should play to get into this amazing, fun and ever growing hobby.

Now here’s some helpful advice we think you should take a look at, re-read and then unquestionably obey to improve your life:

FIRST | There’s not a wrong first game.
Literally, pick one, any one. Well, not Scrabble, or Monopoloy or that one with the mouse and the trap, I forget it’s name. A lot of game board enthusiasts will recommend Catan to begin with or Love Letter, which are both outstanding first games to try. But hey, if you like Battlestar Galactica or the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones and want to have a go at that, then go for it! Just make sure you have fun. That’s the whole reason we do this! If you are stuck for a choice we wrote about some modern alternatives to some classic games. Feast your eyes on them and pick one and just go for it!

SECOND | Don’t fear the rulebook.
A lot of board games don’t have particularly great rule books. And in fact you may end with more questions than you began with, which is why we tend to add a bit in our reviews about the rulebook to give you a heads up of the beast you’re going to face. However, don’t be scared. There’s a lot of YouTube content out there now which runs through the rules both made officially and by fans for you to absorb all the information you need. If anything is troubling you, reread the rules, if it still doesn’t make sense you can always ask your friend Google. If it’s something you haven’t understood then chances are other people have had the same problem. And in this industry we look out for each other. Which leads us into our final tip…

THIRD | “Don’t be a dick” – Wil Wheaton
Apologies for the strong language there but it’s a brilliant quote and is some excellent advice. One of the pillars of tabletop gaming is it’s social interactions. You’re not talking over TeamSpeak or…. some other thing… you’re face to face, and hopefully you’re playing with some different people every now and again to mix things up. Creating memorable experiences relies on playing with awesome people and the way to awesomeness is just to not be a dick. So don’t.

BONUS | Have fun!
Please, in everything you do with tabletop gaming, have fun. Enjoy the games, the chat, the competition, the thrill, the tense moments and the entire experience. Tabletop gaming is amazing and you get out what you put in. So jump, two feet first, into fun.

Thanks for visiting and play more games!