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Interview | Meeple

11 Sep , 2015  

In a back alley gamer bar, I sit down with a care worn and beleaguered Meeple. Yes, a Meeple. We swap stories about epic gaming sessions, argue about the best edition of Pandemic and celebrate the Oxford English Dictionary’s addition of Meeple to the official vernacular. During the interview, the Meeple shares a few stories […]

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Interview | Chad Ingham from Top Shelf Gamer

19 Aug , 2015  

Barratt sits down with Chad Ingham to discuss Top Shelf Gamer and reflect on the future of third party board game retail.

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Happy Together: Choosing the Right Cooperative Game

9 Jul , 2015  

Barrett talks you through choosing the right cooperative game for your playgroup.

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Review | Rune Age

4 May , 2015  

Barrett review Rune Age, the fantasy deck building game from Fantasy Flight Games.

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Interview | Dan Repperger

6 Apr , 2015  

Barrett is a graduate educated professor, performer and academically published writer. A lover of table top RPGs, board and card games alike, he’s been an enthusiast of the hobby for the past few decades. You can find more of his written work here or read all of his Rollin’ Dice articles here. For the past nine years, Fear […]

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Review | Drakon

16 Mar , 2015  

Just in time for it’s 4th Edition, Barrett takes a look at Drakon, the gold-hunting dungeon crawler from Fantasy Flight Games.

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So You Want to Start Playing Netrunner Part Two: Help I Keep Losing And It Sucks

25 Feb , 2015  

Continuing on with his ‘So You Want to Start Playing Netrunner’ series Martin looks at what your next steps should be once you’ve been playing for a while, and what to do when you keep losing.

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