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24 May , 2016  

Andy | Hello and welcome to the sixth and final chapter from the Westeros Cycle! What a ride it’s been! We’ve gone from struggling to differentiate to expanding on a couple of different playstyles for the factions. I think we can all agree that some of the factions still need a bit more love BUT we’ve been blessed with some fantastic cards and the game is really starting to thrive. As ever, we’ve loved playing this game every minute and are happy to share with you our thoughts on the favourites from the latest Chapter pack: True Steel.

02109ONE | Ilyn Payne

Chillin’ with Ilyn. An amazing choice without a voice. Oh Illyn, my Ilyn. Continue to make people think I’m wrong by keeping my Lannister deck strong.

Rich | As soon as this card was spoilt I knew Andy would be choosing it for this edition of chapter chat. Ilyn sure is a very scary card. Is he enough to build a deck around though? Of all the houses the Lannisters are certainly in the best position to afford him but even then there’s not a lot of room at the top end of the gold curve and I’m not how I’d find space for him in amongst the Mountain, Jamie or Tywin.

Andy | I think you’re right, my initial findings have been that he’s not quite strong enough to replace my bigger hitters and that’s a bit of a shame because many moons ago he seemed beastly. The timing of his attack though is what makes him interesting. By being able to initiate a kill in the Marshalling phase he provides a bit of a nice mind game with your opponent. Killing a three cost character is nothing to sniff at either, but ultimately I think he’s not the one the prophecy mentioned (sorry mixing up series).

02115TWO | Tyene Sand

Rich | Did anyone order a portion of repeatable Tears of Lys? Oh, wait, that was me… When I first saw Tyene my heart leapt, and I’m still firmly on her bandwagon. Martells aren’t exactly shy of Intrigue icons, and even if you’re sat opposite a gold-juiced Tywin Tyene’s fellow Sand Snake can always strip the icon off your opponent’s brute so you can squeeze this through. Bonus points if you manage to drop a Tears in addition to this reaction for a bumper session of poison kills.

Andy | The thought of continual Tears of Lys is a scary thought and with Martells you’re going to be winning those intrigue challenges (especially if you fire off your big attack a round too early) and handing out poison tokens like sweets!

Rich | Her only real downside is her cost, but a lovely ‘lady’ like this is worth that gold, heck she’ll have paid for herself after two reactions or so.

Andy | I think, outside whether Tyene is worth the cost (which of course, with a few neat kills can be) that she is just that too much to be able to be an absolute must. Which is quite thematic to the usual Martell’s flavour as you’ll only get the spare funds to pay for Tyene end game and she could just provide the chink in the armour to defeat your opponent’s house of cards. I’m still unsure whether she is a true game-changer.

02110THREE | Small Council Chamber

In a Intrigue focused Lannister deck you’re probably laughing yourself to the bank with this card. An additional power every time you win an intrigue challenge at a measly three cost? Along with Tyrion? Along with Lannisport? Along with Casterly Rock? Two challenges, four gold, two cards drawn and two power. It’s a beautiful combo in the making.

Rich | Ooh I’m not sure how I feel about this one, it’s a superb pairing with Lannisters Intrigue leanings, and will certainly help speed them to victory, but I can just see it going for me. All I can think about is getting some ludicrous amount of power on it and then having it stolen away by some trickery from my opponent. Sure, it’s safe from events, but with cards like Dagmer Cleftjaw floating around you better hope you’ve got a Treachery held back to put a stop to any shenanigans.

Andy | Immune to events is a nice little safety net that doesn’t quite protect you fully, but there’s no avoiding the Greyjoys and I’m happy to take the chance on discarding Dagmer from your hand before you get him on the board to easily sweep another win!

02107FOUR | Ser Barristan Selmy

Rich | Saving characters from death is pretty good, apparently. Barristan is a bit of a monster, the ability to repeatedly save those core Baratheon characters (I’m looking at you Bobby and Mel) more than justifies his cost. His standing effect pairs perfectly with both Stannis’ ‘only stand two characters’ schtick and Baratheons emerging Dominance theme. His main downside? Well, in being such a great save card he might has well be holding a sign saying ‘direct all targeted kill here,’ so he’ll need to find his own protection in the form of dupes or bodyguards pretty sharpish.

Andy | I can imagine this is now an insta-pick for all Bara fans from here on out. Of course you look at the seven cost and my argument of affordability comes back round but honestly, it’s futile. A save every turn is just ridiculous. Even milked he’s a six strength character. Solid choice all round (shame Joffrey spurned my chances of having Ol’ Barry in the regal colours of red and gold).

02117FIVE | Maester’s Chain

I’ve been waiting for this card for SO long! In fear of Milk of the Poppy I’ve had Confiscation in my plot deck since day 1. You see, my fear of Tywin becoming a frail old man is absolute and thanks to this gem I’ll never need worry again. Of course you’re required to find a maester and then to give him a chain BUT I think the majority of faction maesters are solid enough to be included and this makes them good to great.

Rich | On the surface I love this, it’s an answer to those annoying conditions that can just stop you in your tracks (I’m still sour over Andy slapping a Motley on my beautiful Wall-fueled Old Bear). I need to have a good play around with it before I can be sure it’ll make it’s way into my decks though, usually when I take a Maester along for the ride they’re there to serve a purpose, so having them stood for the dominance phase isn’t all that likely. Time will tell though, and with the steady introduction of more chaps from the Citadel this could become a lot more useful in the future.

Andy | As we get more conditions and horrible abominations this will shine as a stalwart in the darkness! (Too much?). I think ultimately, it’s an interesting inclusion into the meta and I’m excited to see if it changes the game at all!

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