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Play | aGoT LCG 2nd Ed – Stark/Fealty vs Stark/Fealty

22 Apr , 2016   Video

Players : Two – Four
Playing Time : 45 – 90 Minutes
Designer : Nate French | Eric M. Lang
Publisher : Fantasy Flight Games
Price : £29.99
Board Game GeekOfficial Website | Amazon UK 

This third in a series of recorded A Game of Thrones LCG (2nd Edition) matches sees Andy fielding Stark/Fealty against Richard’s Stark/Fealty.

These decks were both made as a part of our ongoing series of articles called Chapter Chat, where we discuss cards as they are released. For the Deluxe box we had an article discussing the non-Stark cards, and then challenged ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and make Stark decks showcasing the new Stark cards. You can read about the two decks here.

Currently the matches are sitting at 2 to Andy, 0 to Rich, will Richard finally manage a win? Or will Andy continue to embarrass him?

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