Chapter Chat | Wolves of the North

15 Apr , 2016  

Andy | Hello and welcome back to Chapter Chat. This time focusing on our beloved 2nd Edition’s very first Deluxe Expansion Wolves of the North. As usual this is our pick of favourite cards from the latest release and they may not always match up with the objectively best cards in the pack. This is because the game is about having fun and that’s what we want to do. So without further introduction let’s take a look at our favourite NON-Stark cards from Wolves of the North!

Don’t worry Stark fans we’ve got some coverage coming up next week which will feature the Northern powerhouse and show off their full strength! Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for it to hit your eyes (not literally).

GT08_42ONE | Tourney Grounds

So let’s begin with Tourney Grounds, a card I’ve picked, not because I think it will set the game alight but will help swing the tides of battle. You live and die by your economy and control players will love the benefit of this on the battlefield.

Rich | My only issue with this is whether or not you’re going to find space in your deck for it. In order to actually rely on it you’re going to want at least two copies in there so that it actually makes it to the table, and I can’t help but feel most decks won’t be able to spare those slots. Assuming you can squeeze it in Tourney Grounds is pretty great, it’s one gold cost means you can have it pay for itself on its first round in play (assuming you have any events in hand).

Andy | I completely agree, it’s a tight squeeze to get this in, but since it’s not a unique card if you can get both out you’ve suddenly got free access to Put to the Sword which makes military challenges much more intimidating.

Rich | Perhaps the best thing about it is that it’s non-limited though, meaning it’s not going to slow down your econ machine by making you decide between this and a Roseroad. It’s worth noting that it’s effect in response to an action, so I’d probably kneel it at the start of the challenges phase just in case, and so I’ve got it reducing any potential Reactions or Interrupts.

Andy | Yeah, like I said, not setting the game alight, but a solid addition to any event heavy decks. What’s up next Rich?

Rich | My pick is…

GT08_34TWO | The Shadow Tower

This card will be absolutely awful to play against and I love it. When we first started getting into aGoT LCG I really wanted to make a Nights Watch deck that worked for how I wanted it to play, and couldn’t find one. With the past few releases we’re finally at the point I can happily put together a beautifully techy defence deck, and just wait until victory hits. Shadow Tower is great, coupled with For The Watch! It’s even better. Against a Lord of the Crossing deck and their inevitable weak first challenge it’s the best, practically guaranteeing you preventing one of your opponents big guns being an issue.

Andy | I think my only issue with this card is that it’s continuing to push the Night’s Watch down a super defensive route which totally makes sense thematically but I’d like to see them open a bit to have a bit of variety. I still don’t think Night’s Watch is there yet in getting me wanting to play as them but this is an absolute fantastic addition to their setup and will be standard in any NW deck for the foreseeable future.

GT08_43THREE | Green Dreams

This card, this beautiful card, means I can maybe stretch my deck out to 70 cards. Attached to a character with a seal of the hand you can start to search for what you need much quicker than at the expense of a plot card.

Rich | This is great just for the fact it’s zero cost, I still hate playing against Greyjoys but the introduction of useful and cheap attachments like this are making them all the more manageable.

Andy | The only downside is being a neutral means Fealty decks will have to find that space to include, but I presume everyone is playing Lord of the Crossing by now right?

GT08_26FOUR | Even Handed Justice

Rich | Oh hey, Andy, I see you’ve got Tywin over there and a handful of gold making him into a Midas-touched Juggernaut, sure would be a shame if something happened that meant he had to take a knee and all I had to kneel was a silly little reducer… Sure, it’s a little expensive, but the ability to force a character to kneel is worth that cost and there’s plenty of card affects available that’ll help make that two gold a little more managable.

Andy | Eurgh, exactly what Baratheon need, another kneeling card. I’m in two minds about this card. It’s amazing to kneel a chump to get Tywin/Balon/Clegane/Drogo knelt but at the cost of two coins (not a problem with two Tourney Grounds I suppose…) it’s an expensive one turn delay.

Rich | Think about the comboing effect with Stannis – with a knelt field already taking out potentially 50% of your standing forces provides a two claim plot card the space to wreck havoc.

Andy | I don’t wish to think of that world Richard…

GT08_52FIVE | Ranger’s Cache

So let’s look at our final card. The fabled Rangers Cache. A flexible long term plan of taking the hit of having a poor turn to profit large on your next.

Rich | Ultimately how good this card is for you comes down to whether you can take a turn with so little going for it. 3 gold and 0 initiative is bad if you’re behind, but not quite as bad if you’re in control of the game. The flexibility here is great though, if you’ve just had your hand decimated by intrigue challenges you can take the draw, but if you’ve already got some heavy hitters in hand you can take the three gold to ensure they’ll hit the table next turn.

Andy | I want to play with this one a bit more but for me, it might have replaced Counting Coppers in my usual suspect plots. I like the thought of either helping pay for Tywin or helping find him!

Rich | Urgh…change it up Andy!

Andy | Ha! Never, I’ll bleed Lannister until my eventual and inevitable death!

Rich | Thank you reader for checking out our five favourite non-Stark cards from an exciting Deluxe Expansion. We’ll have some special content next week so please keep an eye out for some more good stuff!

Andy | Until then, feel free to argue with us over our choices and we hope to see you again soon!

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