Chapter Chat | Calm Over Westeros

29 Apr , 2016  

Andy | Hello and welcome to another Chapter Chat! If you haven’t seen yet we’ve got a great lineup of matches between Richard and myself on our YouTube channel for you to watch (there are some minor mistakes but we’re idiots so it’s to be expected).

Rich | Not only that but we’ve also got a tournament arranged in London on Sunday 8th May! If you’re around please come and join in! The emphasis is on it being fun and social rather than serious and scary so if you’re new to the game we’re on hand to help. The aim is enjoyment so do keep that in mind. Check out our Facebook event or video to find out ALL the details!

Andy | And with that introduction let’s jump into Calm Over Westeros!

ONE | Trial by Combat


Rich | I mean… Did you want to expand on that?

Andy | Cersai. Sir Gregor. Put to the Sword. Like four million kills in one turn. Probably. This card allows control heavy decks more military power and it’s only two gold which in another faction would be costly but I’m chucking that away in taxation (I’m a really bad player).

Rich | Yeah, Lannisters don’t need to worry about that cost, you’ll either have the gold put aside to boost Tywin or gain it during the challenge with Tyrion. I’m not quite as scared of this one as I was when it was first spoiled, but all you need is for it to hit once and it’ll have done it’s job.

Andy | I think my only negative to this card, is it needed? My Lannister deck already feels strong and I’m struggling to want to play as any other faction (even my beloved dickish Greyjoy deck). Really happy to have it included in my deck though – might need to start trimming it though, it’s been a while since it last saw 60 cards only…

Rich | I know what you mean, the Lannisters have been getting incredible cards every release, and it’s becoming a real challenge to rank them against each other. Ultimately Trial By Combat is just another way the Lannisters can increase the pressure, and it’ll give you something useful to do with those intrigue challenges after you’ve already decimated my hand.

TWO | Vengeance for Elia

cow2OH GOOD LORD. Losing challenges has never felt so good, there’s nothing quite like wiping the smirk off your opponent’s face as you now have them make a military claim on their own side with this, return their attacking character to their hand by triggering Ghaston Grey, and then discarding that character with His Viper Eyes. I am a huge fan of the whole ‘lose to win’ business that the Martells have been really leaning into, and you can guarantee there’ll be three copies of this in my deck (along with a Shadowblack Lane to find them with) from now on. That being said, two gold is no small amount to be holding back, so there’s a good chance that your opponent will be able to preempt your use of this. Fortunately Martells actually have some pretty good sources of ‘surprise’ cash with The Long Plan and In Doran’s Name, so you’ll still be able to keep your opponent guessing.

Andy | Well this card is horrible isn’t it. I’m working hard, doing as I’m supposed to do and you turn the tables. Like a….table turner. Ruddy outrageous this card exists. I’m trying to weigh it up against Trial By Combat. Both work really well with their respective factions. Probably a tie Rich?

Rich | Absolutely, both cards have the potential to completely turn the tide of a match if played at the right time. I think Trial is probably more likely to regularly do some ‘real’ damage, but it’s a close one to be sure.

THREE | Iron Mines

cow3Andy | So I pay one and I get a bodyguard for anyone who needs it? Sign me up. This is a ridiculously good card. It’s not even loyal so when you’re waving a Kraken banner around the place you can save anyone on the board. It’s incredible!

Rich | You’ll hear no complaints on this from me. It’s cheap, it’s non-loyal, it’s a save; smashing! I’m sure it’ll be incredibly annoying knowing you’ll have three of these in addition to your three Risen From The Sea, but I’ll deal with that knowing I can banner them into my own decks.

Andy | I think my only problem is that it’s quite susceptible to Frozen Solid however, if this is the target instead of Raiding Longship then you’ve done alright yeah?

FOUR | Mirri Maz Duur

cow4Rich | Who loves targeted kill? Oh yeah, that’s right… EVERYONE. Targeted kill off the back of an Intrigue or Power? Even better! The difficulty is going to be getting her to fire given she’s only 5 strength, but with all those lovely burn effects the Targ’s have she should be able to sneak through a few attacks in any given game.

Andy | EVIL LIVES HERE. On a more serious note, on her own, a bit meh. Combined with some attachments, Lord of the Crossing agenda and you start to see how powerful this witch is. I’m loving her traits which are new – I’m hoping we’ll see more Maegi in the future and they do weird stuff. I love weird stuff.

I don’t play Targ, so it’s difficult for me to have too strong opinion on Mirri, I’ll defer to Rich’s judgement for this one. However I will say it’s a sidestep from the cool Doth’raki deck that is slowly starting to materialise so that’s my only negative.

FIVE | Pulling the Strings

cow5Andy | Absolutely love this plot, in theory. It’s a great backup plot that can get you out of any jam…as long as your opponent has played the plot you want. It’s really neat but I’m not sure how effective it will be.

Rich | The base stats on this aren’t bad to begin with, not great to be sure, but not bad. The flexibility that this gives you is huge even it it’s going to be a bit of a gamble each time. The idea of playing this and having it ape Counting Coppers is enough for it to find a space in my Tyrell decks, even if it is likely to be useless for the first half of the game.

Andy | I’m gonna have a crack at it a few more times before I give final judgement but the quality of plots we’ve got now means each new one really has to prove itself. Still, I’d be a fool to write it off as I’m sure I’ll lose to it soon…

That is our top five favourites from the pack. Did we miss one you like? Let us know in the comments below and if you’re around London then come play in our super friendly fun tournament: full details here!

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