Chapter Chat | The Road To Winterfell

9 Feb , 2016  

Hello and welcome to Chapter Chat! A new format where Richard and I look at our favourite new cards from the latest Chapter pack in A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition. I think it’s been quite obvious Richard and I have fallen quite in love with Game of Thrones and that’s why we want to make more content about the games we love. Now before you get concerned it’s all we’re going to cover in the future, then worry not. We love all, well most, games. This article is all about GoT though, so with that in mind, here’s some of our favourites from The Road to Winterfell

Brothel Madame


Rich | Do we have to start with this one?

Andy | Yes, it’s AMAZING. In a game where the other factions are already struggling for money, this small thorn in the side will continue to be a pester. It aids in controlling the board if your opponent can’t cough up the cash AND it’s not unique so you can play three of them!

Rich | Fortunately even if you do get three on the field the effect won’t stack. Still, one gold makes all the difference in this game, especially for event-heavy players. On top of that it makes Lannisters all the more likely to ambush with The Hound or The Queen’s Assassin, neither of which I want to see hitting the field.

Andy | It works quite nicely with Wardens of the West as well if you can only save one coin before heading into the Challenges phase. It’s just a delight isn’t it Rich?

Rich | It sure is… Good thing it’s not loyal, so you can still take a handful of these sweet maidens with you even if you’re running a Lanni banner deck. Now, let’s have a chat about a card that’ll let you kill your opponent’s character even before the Brothel Madames can get their hands on your coin.

Crown of Gold

Just in crownofgoldcase you thought the Targaryens didn’t have enough things to insta-kill your four strength characters: here’s another! Okay, so it’s a little more expensive than the 1 cost Dracarys but as it’s an attachment there’s currently no way to stop it.

Andy | It’s even perfect if you don’t kill with it. A minus four strength Balon Greyjoy looks a lot less intimidating all of a sudden, and yeah, your opponent could play Confiscation the next turn to return him back to full strength but sometimes you just need that one Challenges phase to turn the game around (and not only that but it opens up Milk of the Poppy play).

Rich | And interestingly it gives the character it’s attached to the King trait. Right now the only thing that’ll synergise with is giving your King’s Hunting Party an Intrigue icon, but I’m sure as more King characters are introduced there’ll be a lot more cards to work with the trait.

Andy | Anyway, enough about this cheap parlour trick, let’s talk about real strength.

The Raiding Longship

raidinglongshipThe Raiding Longship. Just say it. It sounds threatening. Thankfully, it’s also for hire! My Lannister Greyjoy deck can now swot away your chump block or more importantly, that last little little contribution that you needed to win. It not only works fantastically, it adds fear, the physiological worry that fighting a challenge may be ultimately pointless. It’s beautiful.

Rich | As if the Greyjoys needed any more help getting unopposed challenges. This card is an arse, and you’re an arse if you play it. If you play three on the field then you’re probably going to win, just don’t expect to be making any friends in the process.

Andy | Look Rich, in a game of thrones, you win or you make friends. Or something like that. An instant shutout is a bit of a dick move but as the card pool expands and more useful attachments come into play this card will get a little weaker at least….

Rich | Until then, you’ll just have to make sure that the few challenges you can get past the Raiding Longships really count, which is where this next card comes in.

Lady Sansa’s Rose


I love this card, so much so that I think it’s worth building decks purely around getting this off. With the Knight of Flowers doing a power challenge you’ll be easily netting yourself five power, with a current potential of seven if you’re unopposed and have a higher claim plot card.

Andy | So many times, I’m seduced by really cool cards that aid in intrigue and military but power, power is what wins you games and this card is potent.

Rich | The only problem I have with this is how easy it’ll be to telegraph it coming. Unless you’re doing a challenge with the Knight of Flowers it’ll be fairly obvious when you send forth your knights solo. You can couple it with the Jousting Contest plot card to compensate, but that then means you need to have four cards (a knight, a lady, Jousting Contest and Lady Sansa’s Rose) all at the right time to get this off.

Andy | I’ve seen more tenuous strategies at least and you’re going to be doing your best to get both Margery and Loras out anyway so it’s a solid opportunity for the Tyrells (like they needed it). Let’s move on to the last of our featured cards, one we picked together and will really help with your card draw…

Shadowblack Lane

shadowblacklaneRich | Okay, so this might not be a card that’s going to see play in every deck, and even if you love your events you might not be all that strong in Intrigue. This works on attack and defense though, and at only one cost it’s not a huge investment to get it to the board. The idea of searching once per turn for an event is fantastic, even if it does mean you need to kneel your faction card. Heck, the only reason I wouldn’t run this is if I was superstitious about messing up my deck order, or if I was just too damn lazy to keep reshuffling.

Andy | Rich, don’t joke about deck order. What if you’re about to get your 7 cost heavy hitter and a dupe of another character, but you blow it because you wanted to search for something you might not even find? This is clearly a location that will get stronger as the card pool increases though. Event heavy decks such as Baratheon and Lannister will absolutely start to adore this card and you’ll have to start really defending heavily on intrigue challenges to block actioning the location. On the plus side this will hopefully start to shake up the plot deck a bit, because Rebuilding looks awful nice in combination with this all of a sudden!

Rich | Don’t forget the Targaryens Andy! An easy way for them to pull more Dracarys or Fire and Blood into hand is nothing to be sniffed at!

Andy| Ah yes, how could I forget…

Rich | Now it’s worth noting at this point that this is only a handful of cards from what was a particularly strong chapter pack. As they add more and more to the card pool, A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition is getting ever deeper, and all the more interesting.

Andy | It really is, and I’m loving that the decisions I’m having to make now when building a deck because I can’t take ALL the cards! We hope you’re loving The Road to Winterfell as much as us and we’ll have more GoT content for you very soon!

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