Chapter Chat | The King’s Peace

26 Feb , 2016  

Andy | Hello, welcome to our second Chapter Chat for the third chapter pack of Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition. We’re going to look at The Kings Peace and discuss our five favourite cards from the pack. There’s a chance you’re going to disagree with our choices, perhaps we left out the strongest card, or overlooked something. If so, do let us know, but to reiterate, it’s our five favourites (we feel picking our favourites is more interesting than just discussing pure strength) that we had fun playing with. So without further ado, let’s start with our first…

ONE | The Boneway


Rich | Since I found out just how good Nymeria Sand is I’ve been playing an awful lot of Martell. And let me (Mar)tell you, never before have I been more excited to lose challenges. The faction is all about losing challenges already, with cards like Maester Caleotte and Ghaston Grey to help punish your opponents for their victory but add in the fact that after six losses I’ll be gaining three power and it’s all good!

Andy | Eurgh…it’s a steep learning curve playing against Martells. You get excited about winning a challenge for it to be thrown in your face. I can see why The Boneway is a good location but I’m not sure if it’s going to be great. Six is an awful large number of challenges to lose and still be close to winning and what with the Newly Made Lord coming out your five lost challenges could be easily wasted on absolutely nothing.

Rich | Yeah, it’s a gamble but what’s really nice is that this will synergise perfectly with the new The Lord of the Crossing agenda. It’ll mean you can happily accept the probable loss of your first challenge each phase as it’s just gonna add more tokens to The Boneway. And what do more tokens mean? More VENGEANCE. (And ultimately more Power.)

Andy | Pffft, let’s talk about real power, let’s talk about…

TWO | Ser Gregor Clegane


My days. I know I’m a simple man. I see a 10 in a shield and I go weak at the knees. The pure strength for only seven cost? Let’s face it, Lannisters can pay that sort of money with ease and we’ve not even spoke about his keywords. Renown is a good one, no matter what and his reaction to pillage. Killing someone by winning a military challenge, scrubbing a character from the deck and then potentially taking out someone in play. It’s a dream come true. I mean yeah, he’s got his weaknesses like…

Rich | He’s a prime target for Milk of the Poppy and Tears of Lys, is a little pricey in any deck other than Lannister, and you can guarantee his single icon’s gonna be stripped whenever possible. That’s it though, and that’s clutching at straws, fittingly the Mountain is terrifyingly beastly.

Andy | He is indeed beastly and of course, when ol’ Illyn comes out the Lanni Kill deck will be my deck of dreams…

Rich | Don’t forget that he’s got that increasingly important Knight keyword! Fortunately, now damn near any character can too with my next pick:

THREE | Knighted


I’ve been playing against the Greyjoys a lot recently so I’m fairly desperate for cheap attachments, no matter what they are. If they’re a tasty little +1 strength for one gold I’m already salivating, but adding the Knight trait that this chapter back has expanded upon so much and you can guarantee there’s two or three of these going into every deck I make from now on.

Andy | Yeah, you’ve got no complaints about this card from me. It’s solid in all directions and a fantastic pick right now. Will we have space for it in future decks remains to be seen but I think you’ll see quite a few floating around now. Especially as it’s even terminal!

Rich | Add to all that the fact that you can now make those real powerhouse characters such as Balon or Tywin put in some work with cards like Lady Sansa’s Rose. Knight fever indeed.

Andy | Talking of Balon, Greyjoys have another weapon to their arsenal with the…

FOUR | Fishing Net


It’s no surprise as a Greyjoy player I’ve gone for this. It’s sometimes tough to reach that all important unopposed bonus and the fishing net is a nice addition to a deck that needs it. I’m a bit annoyed it’s not got an ambush but that might push it into too powerful territory. Of course on the flip side if you throw this on your strongest enemy they have no reason not to attack you, so it’s a bit of a trade off.

Rich | Of course once Raider From Pyke is out in Calm Over Westeros you’ll have that ambush you’re so looking forward to. Until then you’ll just have to make do nerfing strong defence characters like Lord Mormont. If nothing else it’ll make the decision as to what to remove with Confiscation all the more difficult: do you un-milk your big gun, strip a Seal off the Hand off your opponent or remove a Fishing Net so you can get in some much needed defence?

Andy | And we all know the more tough decisions you force your opponent to make the better chance of them making a mistake you create. Any free pass in this game is a joy and if you’re not playing against Martell you’re going to enjoy using this card.

Of course, we couldn’t end this article without another attachment, this time the…

FIVE | Mare in Heat


Rich | This card was made for the Knight of Flowers (the only character all those Nedly players out there will be attaching it to), of course you can jump into that ‘single defender’ nonsense with a Jousting Contest but in either case the guaranteed win will be lovely. It doesn’t stop there though! Your opponent will have to massively over commit to successfully block any challenge the mare is involved in, which should help clear some space for the rest of your attacks.

Andy | I don’t think it’s a surprise we’ve picked three attachments in our top five cards. We’ve got strong characters in abundance, the in faction events are already strong and locations are coming along nicely. Attachments are the last bastion we need to conquer to have everything covered in our decks. Since we’re so early into the game’s life it feels as if each and every Chapter Pack is adding something important and fresh and The Kings Peace continues to deliver. Mare in Heat again forces your opponent to make another difficult decision and goads them into throwing in too many bodies for a confirmed defence or risk the chance of losing.

Thanks for reading our favourites from The King’s Peace, as ever, give us a shout in the comments below if you think there’s someone better AND if you’re reading this in London then say hi! We’re looking to play with more people and would love to know if you’re about. Until next time, good luck top decking!

And a thank you to to Four the Watch on Boardgamegeek for the card images.

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