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Essen 2015 Interviews

27 Oct , 2015  

Those of you that are subscribed to our YouTube channel (and if you aren’t then you should really get on that) may have already seen these videos pop up in your feed, but for those that prefer good old fashioned web site content here’s the full collection of our Essen interviews. We had a lot of fun just roaming the floor and playing games but it was fantastic to run around like mad men for a few days, with me chasing Andy around with a camera and him stopping to talk to anyone who’s game caught our eye.

In the process we:

Spoke to Eric Lang about Blood Rage, who gave Andy his biggest fanboy moment of the show by calling him the ‘One Direction of interviewers;’

Chatted to Matt Leacock about Pandemic Legacy, who revealed even he hadn’t seen all the secrets in the box;

Engaged in discourse with Anton Torres about Fury of Dracula, who threatened to sick hidden FFG employees on us if we made off with the game;

Talked to Ben Craven from Big Potato Games about Obama Llama, unfortunately there was no ‘big potato’ to be seen;

Sat down with Max Wikström to discuss Realm of Wonder after he handed our respective bottoms to us whilst playing the game;

Had a natter with Mike Pambos about Burger Boss, and Andy let team RDS down by failing to get a classic movie reference;

Conversed with Kevin Brusky about Spirits of the Rice Paddy and Arcadia, which was our good friend Daniela’s first purchase of the show;

And last but by no means least, had a parley with a bunch of good folks over at the Breaking Games booth, confabbing with Razlo about Billionaire Banshee, Dan Blanchett about Infamous – The Pirate Wars, and Peter Vaughan about Boomtown Bandits and Letter Tycoon.

We had a great time going out and shooting these videos, and want to offer up one more big thank you to everyone that stopped to talk to us on camera and tell us about their games.


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