An Open Letter To Fantasy Flight Games

11 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Dear Fantasy Flight Games,

My name is Andrew Jones and I would like to make comment upon an aspect of your products. Now don’t get me wrong Fantasy Flight Games, in me, you have a big fan. I’ve bought many of your thematic delights and they have continually thrust joy and entertainment into my world. I am a big story guy and the combination of fantastic licenses and a story that oozes out of the box has ensured I continue to be a loyal customer to your latests and greatests. However, there is one thing that continues to be an annoyance and I believe for the sake of our relationship we need to air it out. So I ask one question and one question only of you. What the hell is wrong with your box inlays?!


Your commitment to consistency in providing what I have dubbed ‘The FFG Valleyā€¯ is admirable. Whenever I buy a game I know exactly what to expect, but honestly, you’re being blown away by other publishers! Have you seen the inside of Black Fleet?!? IT’S A SKULL AND CROSSBONES! It’s a pirate game, with a skull and crossbones inlay. Does it make the game any better? No it doesn’t contribute to the gameplay, but it’s a delightful treat when you first open the lid (sorry, Fantasy Flight, there perhaps should have been a spoiler before I took that precious moment away from you) but not only is it a treat, it’s also practical. It houses all the components neatly and you don’t have to worry about anything. Whereas your FFG Valley is as good for as much as war is. That’s right. Absolutely nothing! (Say it again y’all).

Now I want to get past this FFG, I really do. I’m a little addicted to both Star Wars LCG and Imperial Assault right now, but do you know what I’m expecting if I buy Between The Shadows (a most awesome looking deluxe expansion for the Star Wars LCG), that’s right! Another Valley. And you know what I REALLY didn’t expect from Imperial Assault? Yes, again, the FFGV! You’ve got a game that has all these wonderful models, an overabundance of cards and you’ve gotta cram them into a third of the box! You’ve got a vast range of models there to immerse me into the Star Wars world and there we are after playing trying to stuff it into the box. It detrimentally changes the memory of the game. I just don’t understand it.

I may be in the minority here, but I’d pay an extra pound for you to flip the valley upside down, or just have something that spilts the box into four. Perhaps that’s not practical for every game but is it any less than the valley?!? I’d just like something that could house the lovely components I’ve bought, something to keep it all a bit more organised than thrust into the middle. I’m no businessman, but I can’t see how changing it up would eat into your profits or add any real difficulty to your game publishing.

Now I don’t want to fall out with you Fantasy Flight Games, I’ve said it before and I’ll happily say again I love your games. But if we don’t work on this together it could lead to further tension between the two of us in the future and I don’t want that to happen. Hopefully you don’t either. Only by being honest with my feelings can we begin to get past this. I’m sorry if you think I’m being unreasonable and if I am please let me know, just, let’s start talking about this yeah?

With all my love,

Andrew xox

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  • Wonderful_Leiderhosen

    Harumph! I say Harumph again!!

    This Valley business has gone on long enough!

    Is is because FFG is blissfully aware that we will all be throwing out that crappy insert, safe in the knowledge that our soon to be sleeved cards and even sooner to be coming expansions will never fit into the FFGV?

    Is it that the guys and gals who bring us some of the highest quality game components on the market can’t be bothered to use a bit of that creativity to design a non-suck insert?

    Is it some Sampson – hair cutting mojo that says altering the FFGV would lead to certain doom and a string of crappy releases?!?

    Explain yourself, CP!!

  • Jamie Riehl

    So true. I think a great comparison is Greater then Games, who have really sturdy, practical compartments and provide dividers with all expansions. Or AEG’s Thunderstone series. FFG is just behind, and it’s irritating.