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Dragonmeet 2014 | Tom Norfolk Interview

19 Dec , 2014   Video

Dan talks to Tom Norfolk of DogEared Games about Stak Bots, a sneakily strategic, battling robots card game, and the pros and cons of developing digital versions of games. For more information head on over to the Stak Bots website.

This video is part of our interview series from Dragonmeet.

The schedule:
Piotr Burzykowski – LocWorks
Mark Wallace – Mantic Games
Nigel Pyne – Maverick Muse Ltd
Graham Bottley – Arion Games
Carlos G.Q. – Burning Games
Geoff Sims – Oakbound Games
Robin Elliott – Triple Ace Games
Leo Marshal – indyhippo
Tom Norfolk – DogEared Games

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